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Wrath Mode is a key feature in RAMBO ® THE VIDEO GAME - it can be used to gain health, locate vehicle weak-points and unlock a period of infinite ammo! It also offers access to the Wrath Combo, one of the highest-scoring combos in the game.   It’s fair to say that mastery of the Wrath Mode is a requirement when trying to complete RAMBO ® THE VIDEO GAME on harder difficulty settings or gain a 3-Star Mission Rank.


The Wrath bar is located in the top left corner of the screen just below your health bar – Wrath Mode can only be activated when at least one segment of the bar is filled. The Wrath bar is filled by killing or disarming enemies as well as destroying vehicles, structures and objects throughout RAMBO ® THE VIDEO GAME’s Missions. 

Above, you can see a screenshot of the player’s view with Wrath Mode activated - enemies and explosive objects are highlighted in yellow. The movements and fire-patterns of enemies are slowed down while Rambo moves his weapon at regular speed – this combined with the infinite ammo boost allows Rambo to shred quickly through the enemies. Whilst in Wrath Mode you will have unlimited ammo as long as you activated the Wrath Mode with at least 1 bullet in your gun. 


RAMBO ® THE VIDEO GAME features no health-packs or automated health-recharge.  You’re only option to recover Rambo’s health is killing enemies with Wrath Mode activated.  In RAMBO ® THE VIDEO GAME you have to kill to heal - so managing your Wrath bar is key to survival.   


The Wrath Mode can also be boosted in length and efficiency via RAMBO ® THE VIDEO GAME Skills & Perks system.  Slow burn rates, increased charge rates, more health per kill are all possible.   A ‘Wrath build’ is one of the most dominating character builds in the game.  

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