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It can be tough for some would be RAMBO's, if your finding some levels or sections particularly hard, have a look through our pro tips. These will help with those more difficult encounters.

In a jam?

It’s often quicker to switch to your secondary weapon rather than wait for a reload jam to clear.

Quick Draw

Look for clusters of enemies and eliminate them to quickly reduce damage threat and achieve chain kills.


The Missing Link

Killing incidental background enemies can considerably increase your score & chain kills.


Wrath Replenish

Target explosive environment objects to take out surrounding enemies and boost your Wrath Bar and chain kills.


Time Wasters

Ammunition is unlimited during Wrath mode, use it in emergencies to avoid a reload.


Demolition Dummy

Destroying environment elements can help boost your multiplier & score.


Divide & Conquer

Use the different lines-of-site afforded by cover to eliminate enemies in order of threat level.


Know thy Self

Tailor skills and perks towards your personal in game goals.


Perfect Pair

For best results think of how your skills and perks will interact during gameplay.


Over Steer

In the options menu you can tweak the aiming sensitivity and type.

Splash Damage

Some enemies have explosive weapons such as Grenades or Flamethrowers with good timing it’s possible to use these enemies to your advantage….

Don’t Delay

Some times your enemies will be behind destructible cover which you can blast through.


Reload Rhythm

Keeping your Reload Combo going throughout a level can be the difference between 2 or 3 stars.


To use or not to use

Use your limited supply of special equipment in areas where you can maximise efficiency.


QuiTE a surprise

In many of Rambo’s missions QTEs will be sprung upon him. ‘Perfect’ ratings will maximise your score.


The Lay of the land

Knowing the best places to reload or to start a kill chain combo is key to a high score.


The Wrath Time

Wrath Mode can be a helpful tool to link chain kills between encounters.  


Through the Magnifying Glass

Because of the spread effect of machine guns when spray firing if can be more effective to kill the furthest enemies first.


Quick Change

When going for maximum kill chains, it’s faster to swap to your side arm than try and reload your main weapon.

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