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RAMBO ® THE VIDEO GAME’s scoring is linked to it’s key progression & reward systems and will also allow Rambo fans to compete globally to find the best players. 


Players score points throughout a mission by killing enemies and destroying vehicles and the environment. Player’s are also rewarded with 4x bonus on basic points per enemy for a head-shot. For example a Vietcong solder would be worth 25pts for a standard kill  and 100pts for a head-shot.  At the end of each mission the score is totalled and the player is awarded an overall Mission Score.


All Missions in RAMBO ® THE VIDEO GAME  have a star rating system with player’s earning 1, 2 or 3 stars depending on final Mission Score achieved.  Achievements and Trophies are awarded to PS3 and Xbox 360 players if 3-star ratings can be achieved across movie mission sets for FIRST BLOOD ™, RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD PART II ™ & RAMBO III ™.


Scoring is also linked to RAMBO ® THE VIDEO GAME’s XP and levelling system.  During play Rambo can reach a maximum level of 20.  Each level-up achieved will unlock new Skills & Perks for Rambo. XP is awarded at the end of each Mission.  1 point of score is equivalent to 1 point of XP - so players achieving high-scores will be able to access Skills & Perks at a faster rate.


The overall Mission Score is revealed to players in the Mission Summary screen where it is multiplied by two key factors:


  • Difficulty Level Selected​

  • Kills Per Minute



Depending on selected difficulty mode the score will be multiplied by a factor of x 0.8 (Private), x 1.0 (Sargent) & x 1.2 (Green Beret). So playing on Green Beret will be most rewarding for players in terms of both XP and Mission Score.


The Mission Score is also modified by a KPM (Kills Per Minute) multiplier.  The KPM modifier is equivalent to the player’s Kills Per Minute stat at the end of a Mission divided by 10 (with a minimum factor of 1).  So a KPM stat of 20.0x would result in a KPM modifier of x 2.  To achieve high Kills Per Minute players must play in an aggressive style reminiscent of RAMBO himself!


So if a player scores 100,000 points in a Mission, playing on Green Beret, with KPM stat of 20.0 their final Mission Score would be 240,000 ([100,000 x 1.2] x 2). 


RAMBO ® THE VIDEO GAME features three main combo systems and one over-arching multiplier that can be used by players within missions to achieve high scores. 




RAMBO ® THE VIDEO GAME features an over-arching multiplier system that affects all scoring within a mission. The Multiplier ranges from x1 to a x15.


Depending on the level of the Multiplier killing a regular enemy can yield between score of 25 points (25 x 1) to a score of 375 (25 x 15).  Even a simple plank of wood that would only yield 10 points with a multiplier of x1 becomes a great source of 150 points when the multiplier hits x15.


The Multiplier is boosted by consistent elimination of enemies and destruction of the environment. However, every moment the player is not eliminating enemies or destroying the environment the multiplier will tick quickly downwards.


Keeping the multiplier maxed at x15 is key to achieving a good score, so playing aggressively in a Rambo-esque style is always advised.


Reload Combo


The game features a timing-based reload system which tests player's skill and knowledge of each gun.


Perfect reload timing will result in a 200% clip refill - this is known as a 'Perfect Reload'. As well as giving the player the advantage of more fire-power a Perfect Reload also initiates a 'Reload Combo' - every enemy killed with a bullet resulting from a Perfect Reload will yield a points bonus.


The 'Reload Combo' will continue until it is broken by the player failing to complete a Perfect Reload or the Mission Ending.


The points bonus per kill in a Reload Combo increases as the combo is extended. The various combo levels and bonus points are explained below:


Reload Combo                              I 1-9 enemy combo                 I 25 bonus points per enemy

Sharp Reload Combo                I 10-24 enemy combo             I 50 bonus points per enemy

Slick  Reload Combo                  I 25-49 enemy combo             I 100 bonus points per enemy

Ace Reload Combo                     I 50-99 enemy combo             I 250 bonus points per enemy

Zen Reload  Combo                    I 100+ enemy combo              I 500 bonus points per enemy


The bonus is calculated and awarded at the end of the Reload Combo.  So for example an Ace Reload Combo with 52 enemies eliminated would equate to a total bonus of 13,000 points (52 x 250).


Wrath Combo


The ‘Wrath Combo’ awards a bonus per enemy eliminated with Wrath Mode activated. Perks and Skills can be selected and equipped that will increase the charge speed and activation time of Wrath Mode. This can raise the frequency and length of Wrath Combos within Missions.


There are two levels of Wrath Combo below.  The higher the combo the higher points bonus:

Wrath Combo I 1 – 9 enemy combo I 100 bonus points per enemy

Chaos Wrath Combo I 10+ enemy combo I 500 bonus points per enemy 


The bonus is calculated and awarded at the end of the Wrath Combo.  So for example a Chaos Wrath Combo with 11 enemies eliminated would equate to a total bonus of 5,500 points (11 x 500).

Chain Kill Combo


The Chain Kill Combo offers very a high points yield for players that are able to eliminate enemies quickly, clinically with good knowledge of the level lay-outs.


A Chain Kill Combo is initiated when the player eliminates three or more enemies with no more than 1 second delay between each kill.


The points bonus per enemy eliminated  in a Chain Kill Combo dramatically increases as the chain is extended. This is explained in the table below:


Chain Kill                                          I 3-4 enemy combo                      I 500 bonus points per enemy

Focus Chain Kill                             I 5-6 enemy combo                      I 1000 bonus points per enemy

Wired Chain Kill                            I 7-9 enemy combo                      I 1500 bonus points per enemy

Zone Chain Kill                              I 10-14 enemy combo                 I 2000 bonus points per enemy

Ascended Zone Chain Kill        I 15+ enemy combo                     I 3000 bonus points per enemy


The bonus is calculated and awarded at the end of the kill Combo.  So for example a Zone Chain Kill Combo with 13 enemies eliminated would equate to a total bonus of 26,000 points (13 x 2000).


Misc. Scoring Systems


As well we the major multiplier and combo systems there are also a couple of other systems for RAMBO ® THE VIDEO GAME that players need to keep an eye out for.


QTE Bonuses


Perfect QTE timing can have a great impact on Mission Score if the Mission contains QTEs.  A perfectly timed QTE will yield 10,000 points.


First Blood Bonuses


Players have the option to complete the First Blood sections of RAMBO ® THE VIDEO GAME in a non-lethal style that is in keeping with Rambo's actions in motion-picture.


Perfect timing on First Blood QTEs will result in non-lethal take-downs as well as the associated points bonus described above. A badly timed QTE will result in lethal strike and lower score for the QTE.


During shooting sections of missions in the First Blood sequence players have the option to use 'Disarms' rather than kills to eliminate the enemies. A 'Disarm' is caused by shooting an enemies weapon or a non-lethal area of their body.


A 'Disarm' elimination on a Cop or National Guard will score 150 pts,  while a kill will result on -5 pts scored.  These score are then modified by the multiplier.


'Disarms' are also counted as eliminations for the purposes of activating Reload Combos, Wrath Combos and Chain Kill Combos.



In RAMBO ® THE VIDEO GAME you can achieve, 1, 2 or 3 stars on any and all of the levels. The stars are achieved by gaining the target score or more. The table shows you what score you need to get for 2 stars and 3 stars. Get to work!


















2 Stars

















3 Stars

















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