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Colonel Samuel Trautman

At the start of the Vietnam War, Trautman was selected to form a special forces unit known as BAKER TEAM.  It was here that Trautman trained John Rambo. Over the subsequent years Rambo and Trautman find their careers and lives intertwined in covert missions and explosive action behind enemy lines in Vietnam and Afghanistan.

Co Bao


Co Bao was a freedom fighter from Vietnam. She helps Rambo in trying to free american POW's. Rambo has a soft spot for Co Bao and gets close to her, she is later murdered which fills Rambo with more rage than ever before. 

Delmar Barry


Only John Rambo and Delmar Barry made it out of Vietnam alive in Baker team. He was a engineer and explosive expert in the war. Delmar tragically dies of cancer before Rambo is able to meet him for the first time after the war.

Sheriff Wilfred Teasle


Will Teasle is the sheriff of Hope, Washington. He is a paranoid man and is the main antagonist in Rambo First Blood. Teasle is trying to protect his town from unwanted people, unfortunately for him he pushed the wrong man too far.

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