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Company leader to identify Baker Team. The mission isn’t over yet!


RAMBO® THE VIDEO GAME: BAKER TEAM is now available to download for free to all previous and future owners of RAMBO® THE VIDEO GAME in the U.S and Europe!


Your mission is to experience the original story consisting of three rail-shooting missions set during John Rambo’s service as a Green Beret during the Vietnam War.


Lead Baker Team on a covert mission deep into territory with high Viet Cong activity. RAMBO® THE VIDEO GAME: BAKER TEAM features a host of new content:






SCHEDULE Reef Entertainment is delighted to announce the schedule of forthcoming Updates and Downloadable Content for RAMBO ® THE VIDEO GAME. The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of RAMBO ® THE VIDEO GAME will receive a Downloadable Content pack in July 2014 that will include a ‘game expansion’ as well as various updates and fixes.


The Steam version of RAMBO ® THE VIDEO GAME will receive a free ‘Update Pack # 1’ on 15th May 2014. This update will contain a variety of upgrades and fixes that are detailed further below. Then, in July 2014, the Steam version of RAMBO ® THE VIDEO GAME will receive ‘Update Pack #2’ which will add the ‘game expansion’.


RAMBO THE VIDEO GAME, Steam ‘Update Pack # 1’ Contents:




Official release date announced!


UK video game publisher Reef Entertainment announced RAMBO ® THE VIDEO GAME will be available across EUROPE on 21st FEBRUARY 2014.  RAMBO ® THE VIDEO GAME is planned for release on the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and Windows® PC.  A release in North America & Canada for PlayStation®3 and Windows® PC will follow later in Q1 2014.


RAMBO ® THE VIDEO GAME will put players in Rambo’s combat boots and take them on an action-packed adventure through the iconic action- sequences and story-arcs of FIRST BLOOD ™, RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD PART II ™ & RAMBO III ™.


The game will feature the original movie voice-tracks of John Rambo and Col. Samuel Trautman as well as selected music from the original Rambo Trilogy.


Selected retailers across Europe will offer one of two limited-edition figurines as pre-order incentives for RAMBO ® THE VIDEO GAME.  The figurines have been designed & manufactured to the highest standards exclusively for RAMBO ® THE VIDEO GAME, giving Rambo fans a once-in-a-lifetime chance to grab a genuine collectable.  


The highly detailed, hand-painted, 3-inch figurines are based on iconic images of John Rambo from FIRST BLOOD ™ & RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD PART II ™.  Each figurine features authentic likeness, costume and weapons.  The figurines will be offered as pre-order incentives by select retailers, while stocks last, and will not be available for sale separately.  A list participating retailers can be found on the official game website here


A Reef spokesperson said: ‘We are delighted to announce the final EU release date for RAMBO ® THE VIDEO GAME and although the main game is now complete our journey with Rambo continues as we will soon start development on the game’s first DLC expansion pack with our partners at Teyon.


Official USA release date announced!


We are happy to announce that the US version of RAMBO THE VIDEO GAME will be released  on the 4th April. The game will be available on PS3 and PC. To Pre Order CLICK HERE




Brand new trailer! MACHINE OF WAR!


Vine and Instagramn for exlusive Rambo features! Instagram & Vine


All 6 beta gameplay videos are now live! You can watch them HERE!


We have uploaded exclusive gameplay mini clips on the site! Go to Game Info then to Gameplay! Or Click Here!


You want pre-order incentives? You got 'em with some limited edition figurines. CLICK HERE for more details.


An awesome article: RAMBO ® THE VIDEO GAME will make you sweat blood


"You already knew this as soon as you read the word ‘Rambo’ in the game’s title, but yes this is a gun-heavy experience and with it, there’s an emphasis on chain-killing and leaderboard dominance."


CLICK HERE to read the full article.


A revealing new trailer. CLICK HERE to view more media.


Two killer new artworks.


A bullet-riddled new screenshot.


Two bits of heroic imigary.


New enviroment imagery.


A new screenshot wonders if it can win this time.


A 'highlight reel' video.


First screenshots to emerge from the development jungle.


RAMBO ® THE VIDEO GAME touches down at Gamescon


Reef Entertainment Commercial Director Craig Lewis said: "We have been quiet since we acquired the Rambo license last August. During this time we have been dedicated to creating a videogame for consoles and PC that will allow Rambo fans and gamers across the globe to really get under the skin of Rambo and wield his iconic weapon-set in battle."

We look forward to sharing more information about the game in the lead up to Gamescom.


A logo that could easily defeat the entire Russian army by itself.

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